Ana Gabriela Pessoa

VP of Strategic Partnership at Pearson


Adrian Fenty

Co-founder of M Ventures


Andre Street

Founder of StoneCo

Antoine Colaço

Partner at Valor Capital Group

Antônio Ermírio de Moraes Neto

Co-founder and CEO of XP Health

Bina Kalola

Managing Director at Bank of America Merril Lynch

Brook Byers

Partner at Kleiner Perkins

Carlos Brito

CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev

Carl Wieman

Professor and Physics Nobel Prize Winner, Stanford University

Carl Wieman received his Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University in 1977. He has held a joint appointment as Professor of Physics and of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University since 2013, and before that was at UBC and U. Colorado. Wieman has done extensive experimental research in both atomic physics and science and engineering education at the university level. He has received numerous awards for both, including the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001 and the Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year award for education in 2004. Wieman served as founding chair of the Board of Science Education of the National Academy of Sciences and was the founder of PhET, which provides

online interactive simulations that are used 100 million times per year to learn science. He served as Associate Director for Science in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the White House from 2010-12. Wieman directed the science education initiatives at the Universities of Colorado and British Columbia, which carried out large scale change in teaching methods across university science departments. Wieman recently published a book on large scale change, “Improving How Universities Teach Science; Lessons from the Science Education Initiative.” He is currently studying expertise and

problem solving in science and engineering, and how this can be better measured and taught. He is also studying intro physics labs, including showing and explaining the ineffectiveness of traditional ones, and

how intro labs can be improved.




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